Topaz Magistrates

Bells of the Dead Part I

The Quest to Clear Usagi Ozaki and the Hare Clan

The group finds itself traveling to Shiro Suzume, home of the Sparrow Clan. They meet with Emerald Magistrate Miya Katsu who asks them to track down Usagi Ozaki who has been accused of a crime that Katsu doesn’t believe he committed. They also agree to take Miya Sasame with them allowing her to map the areas of the Empire they visit.

The group learns of the 4 people who condemned the Hare Clan and on whose testimony the Clan was disbanded and destroyed. Toritaka Bonugi was found killed in his library. Kitsune Hamato has gone missing and is presumed dead. Daidoji Unoko and Yasuki Taka (head of the Yasuki family) are both believed to still be alive. They have reason to suspect that Ozaki has already or soon will visit them.

The group makes it to the Crab lands where they find Ozaki and the strange man Koda who attacks Ozaki. Koda is defeated, but Ozaki is comatose and seems to be possessed by a spirit of some kind.

The group travels to Traveling Peddler Village where there is a monastery that may be able to help Ozaki and happens to be where Taka is living.

Before they can do much there, a tsunami hits the village.


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