Doji Seikidera

Crane Clan Champion During Reign of Hantei VI


Doji Seikidera was the Crane Clan Champion during the reign of Hantei VI. He was one the three main conspirators in the Gozoku. He was killed attempting to broker a peace with the Gaijin prior to the Battle of White Stag. The made monk Togashi Akuro used a Gaijin firearm to blow Seikidera’s head off.

History remembers Seikidera for his valiant service to the Empire during the Battle of White Stag where he helped lead Rokugan to victory. History does not remember that his role was played by Kakita Nori after Seikidera was killed.

Because of his death that did not allow him to fulfill his destiny, Seikidera’s spirit was trapped in the realm of unfulfilled destiny. Centuries later during a skirmish between the Lion and the Crane over Toshi Ranbo, he tried to kill Nori three times by possessing members of the two clans. His spirit was eventually freed and allowed to travel on the Yomi.

Doji Seikidera

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