Katana Forged by Doji Yasurugi

weapon (melee)

DR: 3k2

+2k0 to Kakita School Skills
+Str x 2 to Attack and Damage Rolls
Only Crane can draw the sword, otherwise the wielder bursts into flames.


Chukandomo was the 3rd of 5 great swords forged by Doji Yasurugi. It was to be given to the Lion Clan, but was lost at sea when the ship it was being transported on sunk.

A thousand years later it was found by Mantis pearl divers. The Mantis Clan attempted to return the sword to the Crane, but the ship was attacked by pirates. All hands were killed and the ship was sunk. The samurai who were tasked with protecting the sword continued their mission beyond death, rising as ghosts and attacking other ships that sailed the sea where they had died.

The sword was returned to the ghosts ending the threat to the Mantis-Crane trade by Isawa Sora, Shinjo Winter, and Kakita Nori, with the help of An’naigako and Daidoji Ikoku.

For a brief while Kakita Nori was able to wield one of the greatest swords ever forged.

Magic Sword Recovered #3


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