Topaz Magistrates

Hindsight - Conclusion

The Magistrates realize that it is the eve of the Battle of the White Stag – one of the greatest battles fought in the history of the Empire – and the enemy forces have been given an outline of how the Empire will conduct the battle. To make matters worse, while they rush to rouse an unsuspecting and uncooperative group of daimyos, Doji Sekidera – the historical hero of the battle, is murdered right before their eyes.

Kakita Nori, taking his armor and daisho, masquerades as the clan champion and tries to fill his role in history.

Isawa Sora Travels alone to the Mantis Isles to enlist their aid in the coming conflict.

Shinjo Winter and Hida Kyuzo travel back to the capital and take control of the forces there.

Hindsight - Part 2

Finding themselves in the past after following a mad, tattooed monk through an enchanted painting, the magistrates need to find a way home without damaging their own future.

Hindisght - Begining

Investigating the death of Togashi Yasuhiro on the Mantis Isles, the magistrates stumble onto the track of an insane tattooed monk.

Hare Clan Part 2

A clan falls and a conspiracy is discovered.

Hare Clan part 1

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