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  • Nori

    Recent Events: After defeating [[:bayushi-shoju | Bayushi Shoju]] and helping to end the Scorpion Clan Coup, Nori was rewarded by the newly crowned Hantei. In recognition for he services, Nori was cast out and declared ronin. He left Otosan Uchi in …

  • Isawa Sora

    [[Sora's 20 Questions]] Sora playing with fire kami: !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/42997/isawa_sora_00.jpg(Isawa sora 00)! Sora feeling quaint: !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/42996/Quaint_Sora.jpg(Quaint sora)!

  • Shosuro Rei

    Emerald Magistrate. Labeled as 'junshin' by her fellow scorpions, she has their eye for human weakness, but not the stomach to exploit it. She makes use of this ability in her capacity as magistrate to quickly see through deceptions to the truth of a …

  • Miya Katsu

    Katsu requests help in escorting Miya Sasame as she maps the Empire. He also wanted help in investigating the murder of a magistrate in Forrest Shadow City. He believes that [[:usagi-ozaki | Usagi Ozaki]] is innocent of charges brought against him.

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