Nori's 20 Questions

What clan does your character belong to?

How would you describe (physically) the character?
Slightly taller than average and not as slim as many Crane. He does not dye his hair as many Crane. (Kakita tend not to dye their hair.)

Samurai or Shugenja?

What about Family, are they rich or poor? what about family name, what type of childhood did he have?
His family (Kakita) is quite important to the Clan and as a result are quite wealthy. He had a happy childhood, getting lost in a sea of cousins. As a younger son of the youngest son in the Kakita Family, not much was expected of him specifically. He was expected to do his duty to the Clan, but most of his older cousins would fill the important leadership positions in the Clan.

Main motivation (in a word or two)

Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
Kakita Toshimoko

Greatest strength and greatest weakness

What does your character think about Bushido?
He does his best to live by its tenets, though he is not perfect by any means.

What does your character think about his own clan?
He thinks the Crane are one of the greatest clans in the Empire and must do their best to be an example for others to follow. He’s not proud of everything the clan does, but that doesn’t dimish his opinion of the clan as a whole.

Is your character married?
No, not yet.

To whom is your character most loyal?
The Emperor and the Emerald Champion, followed closely by his clan.

What is your characters most and least favorite things?
Least Favorite: Open Water

Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?

What about your character’s psychology or temperament?
Calm and collected until he must act, then act with precicion and control.

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant?
He would calmly warn them and then if that wasn’t enough they would be released from their service.

How would your character’s parents describe him?
Loyal and good natured.

What is your character’s highest ambitions?
He wishes to be the greatest duelist in the Empire, following the example set by in his uncle in this regard.

If you could, what advice would you give your character?
Avoid. Scoprion. Women. Seriously. It will only lead to heartbreak.

How religious is your character?
Not very.

Does your character have any prejudices?

Nori's 20 Questions

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