Ryoko Owari Toshi

Briefing: Ways of Ryoko Owari

A Political Overview:

Morosuke’s History: Ryoko Owari was built by the Shosuros, andit remains a Shosuro city to this day — and will, I think, be one for all time. What does this mean? It is a city of secrets, of course — but not the secrets of the world (for those are the domain of the Bayushis) nor the secrets of the next world (which are given to my family [Yogo]) nor the secrets of the spirits (which belong to the Soshi family). No, a Shosuro city is not a place of political secrets, or magic secrets — it is a place of secrets of the heart.

Shigeko’s Dossier: The political situation in Ryoko Owari is a tangled mass of obligations, muddled alliances, long-concealed vendettas and conflicting jurisdictions. My departure will change the balance of power drastically, as will your arrival. You will almost certainly be required to align yourself with one of Ryoko Owari’s powerful organizations; without such an alliance, the others will feel they can move against you with impunity. However, any ally you choose will support you only in the hopes of gain. Choose carefully; there are no heroes here.

The Governor
The Thunder Guard
The Nobles
The Firemen/Kaijinin
The Leatherworkers

About the Opium Situation

Local Customs and Holidays:

The Colorful Language of Ryoko Owari
Your Own Cup: Always carry your own sake cup—it is both expected and prudent.
The First Boar: Each spring, hunting season begins with a boar hunt. The hunter who brings down the first boar is given additional hunting rights and none may hunt stags until a boar has been killed and delivered to the Governor.
Patronage System
Liberation Day: First day of the Month of the Ox—celebrates the return of Ryoko Owari to Scorpion control after a year of Crab occupation. Feasting and a procession (in which men dressed up as Crab trade away their clothes for food, drink, trinkets and kisses) are hallmarks of the day.
Porridge Stick Day: Eighth day of the Month of the Snake. Women good naturedly swat each other with porridge sticks (only proper to hit those of your own (or lower) station). Men don’t dare try it.
Days of Generosity: First two days of the full moon in the month of the Monkey. The first day, a King or Queen of Generosity is selected (a name drawn by the head priest of the Temple of Daikoku). The next day is a festival of gift-giving overseen by the King or Queen. Every noble past the age of gempukku is expected to participate…for every gift given to one or more fellow nobles, another is entrusted to the Ruler of Generosity. The Ruler does not keep the gifts, but holds them in trust for the best giver of gifts. The best gift giver takes his/her choice of the gifts given to the Ruler—and the Ruler may keep or dispose of the remainder of the gifts as he/she sees fit.


Fisherman’s Quarter

The North Rim

The Crab Caves

The Loops

Leatherworker’s Quarter

Dragon’s Shadow

The Festering Pit

The Little Shadowlands

Merchant Quarter

Two Gates

The Wharves


Fields of Gold

Temple Quarter

Daikoku’s Shadow

The Small Holies

Licensed Quarter

Noble Quarter

The Old Section

The New Section

Ryoko Owari Toshi

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