Sora's 20 Questions

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Isawa Sora is a Void Shugenja of the Phoenix clan. Her family, the Isawa, are well-known for their use of magic and have produced many Shugenja. She is petite in appearance, small and harmless-looking. She seems completely innocuous, and cultivates that image, encouraging others to believe she is not a threat. She has long black hair, green eyes, and an inquisitive expression. Curiously, she wears armor that is seems designed by the Crab clan, yet is worked in Phoenix colors.

Sora’s motivation is twofold. She is very curious, and seeks to expand her knowledge whenever she can. Her ambition is to become what she believes is a shugenja talented enough to be worthy of the Isawa name. Her desire to learn has learn quickly has resulted in trouble in the past. She also works to honor her ancestors, and seems very driven toward that end – unusually so. In spite of this, she is not as religious as many other shugenja. She does not, for example, feel compelled to visit every major temple she comes across in her travels.

She tends to be cautiously open with people, seeing no reason to be dishonest. She is, however quite suspicious of the Scorpion clan, and is not as forthcoming with them as with others. She does trust her family and her fellow magistrates and traveling companions. She used to trust her bodyguards, but after losing two of them, she isn’t expecting to have another one any time soon. Once someone has earned her loyalty, she is a fierce ally. For the first time, she is slowly extending that loyalty past her family and teachers to include her group of companions.

Her ability to quickly learn new things is a strength. She is also fairly good at hiding the impatience that crops up when she thinks things are happening too slowly. This skill developed over years of practice thanks to teachers she thought were too slow to introduce and explain new concepts. It sometimes comes out in her mannerisms, though. If one watches very closely, one may notice that she tends to fidget when she is restless. However, she has become quite skilled at hiding her impatience over the years. She has developed the habit of keeping her hands inside her sleeves to hide the drumming of her fingers.

In Sora, the most pronounced aspects of the Bushido code are compassion and duty. She tends to be softhearted toward those (few) who are smaller than her, those who are hurt or less fortunate. She likes to help, and often brought home injured animals to care for them until they were healthy and able to fend for themselves. Her empathy comes out in a forgiving nature, but those who have tried to push it too far have learned better.

In contrast to her compassionate nature is her opinion on the Phoenix clan’s stance on nonviolence. While she does prefer peace and would rather not engage in a fight, Sora believes that pacifism is not always practical. In her mind, fighting is sometimes the answer, especially when refraining from it leads to pain and suffering for the innocent.

She grew up with parents who were firm, but caring. They were not overbearing, but expected strict adherence to their will. They are were just beginning the negotiation of her betrothal when she was assigned to work with the magistrates, but she does not know anything specific about the planning. Secretly, she hopes that the process is dragged out indefinitely, but will, of course, perform dutifully as is expected of her. She also has a brother who is a few years older. She adores him, and missed him during his frequent absences. Now that she is the one on the road, she understands a little better, but carries with her everywhere a matching fan & netsuke that were gifts from him.

When asked to contemplate her own demise, she replied with a small smile, “I will likely die while trying to help someone.”

Sora’s Haiku

Fire burns brightly
Warm, yes, but it can destroy
Phoenix is Fire

Sora's 20 Questions

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