Winter's 20 Questions

What clan does your character belong to?

Winter is of the Unicorn Clan and is very proud of that fact.

How would you describe (physically) the character?

Winter has dark hair, dark eyes and fair skin. She has a bit of an impish grin when making inane suggestions. When she is ranting about her idealistic/wild ideas, her eyes will sparkle.

Samurai or Shugenja?

Winter is a samurai. She favors bows over swords.

What about Family, are they rich or poor? what about family name, what type of childhood did he have?

Main motivation (in a word or two)

Winter wants to make a name for herself. She has a famous older sister and she wants to have her own legacy.

Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?

Greatest strength and greatest weakness*

Winter’s greatest strength is her willingness to take chances even when the odds seem remote. This has paid off in some amazing shots with her bow. Her greatest weakness is her fascination with shiny objects and occasional weird comments during civil discussions.
What does your character think about Bushido?*
What does your character think about his own clan?*

Is your character married?

Winter is not married.
To whom is your character most loyal?*

Considering all she has been through with her present group, she has formed a strong bond with them. They are like family to her and she would go to great lengths to keep them safe.

What is your characters most and least favorite things?

Winter is an excellent rider and like any Unicorn, favors horses. Winter cherishes her “lucky” shiny objects. She believes that by collecting more, she will become even luckier. Her least favorite thing tends to be serious discussions with courtiers. As a Unicorn, her preference is to state things plainly without so much focus on keeping things polite. She however defers to her companions who are much better at dealing with stodgy bureaucrats.

Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?*

Winter has a proclivity to notice shiny objects and collect things she likes. Winter will also make jokes to try and lighten any situation.

What about your character’s psychology or temperament?

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant?

How would your character’s parents describe him?*

What is your character’s highest ambitions?*

If you could, what advice would you give your character?

How religious is your character?

Does your character have any prejudices?*

Winter's 20 Questions

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