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Bells of the Dead Part III

The Quest to Clear Usagi Ozaki and the Hare Clan

The group follows the ghost of Hu Xiang for the better part of a day when it suddenly stops and disappears. There seems to be nothing around, but Yasuhiro’s sharps eyes and uncanny perception realize that they stand before an old fortress. Magic seems to have hidden it.

The group approaches the front gates and Yasuhiro knocks. The residents of the fortress do not take kindly to visitors and attack the group. It goes poorly for them.

The group makes it way into the fortress where they are trapped in a room with archers and murder holes. Yasuhiro channels the power of his Blaze tattoo and smashes the locked door and they escape, easily dispatching the archers.

They explore the fortress and find very little except for the storage room with various forms of poison. Much to Yasuhiro’s dismay he learns of the poison in the honey the hard way.

After much searching the group finds a secret tunnel leading into the mountain. They follow this tunnel and interrupt a ritual being performed which required the sacrifice of eight victims. Here they meet Daidoji Dajan and Asako Nakiro, leaders of this Kolat cell. Dajan explains that the ritual is nearly complete but they need the blood of a hero to finish it. It was nice of the group to show up to fill that need.

A fight breaks out and Dajan falls to Nori’s blade. Nakiro lets out a laugh and explains that even a dedicated Kolat member is a hero is his own mind. Dajan’s death as completed the ritual, freeing the oni that was possessing Nakiro.

This oni was affected by the power of the Bells of Hu Xiang. It normally was immune to all normal weapons, but ringing the bell left him slightly vulnerable.

In the end the oni was defeated, the eight victims freed, and the day was saved. One of the victims was Usagi Ozaki’s sister Usagi Tomoe.

The group returned to Yasuki Taka with the news and he was good to his word. He recanted his testimony claiming that Dajan was blackmailing him.

The Hare Clan were once again a legitimate Minor Clan.


16 XP total for the Bells of the Dead Adventure (all three parts)

Total XP: 313

Bells of the Dead Part III
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