Topaz Magistrates

The Haunting of Shiro Usagi

The Topaz Magistrates are reunited, though some could be considered worse for the wear.

Isawa Sora takes her quest to find information to free her grandfather’s spirit from Jigoku to the Imperial Capital where she finds Hida Kyuzo. Shinjo Winter is also near the capital as she is training with the Unicorn troops.

Nori, still reeling from the loss of his family and village is visited by Togashi Yasuhiro who bears a message for him. Shiro Usagi is haunted and the ghost needs their help. Having tried to save the Hare Clan, Nori feels a strong need to help. They travel to Otosan Uchi to get passage by boat to Ryoko Owari where they can travel overlans to the ruins of Shiro Usagi. They meet up with their friends at the capital.

The group travels to Ryoko Owari where they meet Miya Katsu who requests they visit him at Suzume Castle when they are able.

The group travels to Shiro Usagi and find a small village still remains. They meet Muso, a former Hare bushi. He explains what has transpired in the two years since the clan was dissolved.

They learn that Otu, the son of one of the village farmers, has seen the ghost(s), but his description doesn’t match what a ghost should look like. They learn that Otu is really the youngest son of the late Clan Champion Usagi Oda. The farmer Genko took in Otu to protect him.

The group investigates the ruins of the castle and find where people have been digging looking for who knows what. The ghost of Oda appears to Nori lamenting the loss of his sons and the clan sword. The group realizes that Oda means that his youngest son is in trouble, right now, and head back to the village.

A band of Scorpion ronin are attempting to kill Otu for telling others of the “ghosts” and the magistrates step in to stop them. When the dust settles, the Scorpion have been vanquished and Otu saved.

The Scorpion were looking for maho artifacts in the ruins and created the ghost story to keep people away. They didn’t realize there really was a ghost.

Having satisfied the Oda’s wishes, the group heads back to meet with Miya Katsu.

XP 3


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