Shinjo Winter

Winter is a young Unicorn Archer who is known for her lucky shots, quick wit and a penchant for shiny objects.


Shinjo Winter is the second oldest child of Shinjo Suguru and his wife Imai (Gaijin name Susanne). Her eldest sister is Shinjo Iroku and her two younger sisters are Shinjo Atami and Shinjo Rumiko.

Shinjo feels that shiny objects are unusually lucky. Before her Gempuku ceremony, Shinjo was hustled by a street vendor who convinced her to purchase one of his good luck charms for several times more than its actual worth. During the ceremony, when she was staring down a giant mutant flying fish with more than its fair share of teeth, she threw the charm away and the fish bolted after it instead of turning her into fish food. Ever since that encounter, Winter buys a shiny charm—more often the uglier and shinier the better—at any and every opportunity.

Winter’s 20 Questions

Shinjo Winter

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